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George Barnhart spent his entire working career as a change agent. And we certainly are living in uncertain and changing times.

He is recognized as an innovative leader. While George’s career spanned operations, administration, technology and strategic development, his passion is as an advocate, change agent and leader involved with foresight, innovation, and large scale transformations.

George was a member of the leadership team for the start-up of SaskEnergy, created because of industry deregulation. Over the next twelve years as Vice President of Information Systems with SaskEnergy, George created strong business and IT alignment and achieved industry leading results. The division was internationally benchmarked as the ‘pace setter’ IT organization as well as in top 10% of all IT functions in natural gas and oil industry sector.

In his position of Vice President of Strategic Development, George was afforded the opportunity to explore the future of energy and developed alternative business development scenarios to align with systemic trends. Through a business-oriented, results-focused lens, George has created a model of sustainability, one that creates an emerging opportunity to achieve goals of efficiency, effectiveness, growth and competitive advantage.

As an executive business strategist, George is committed to offering his skills, expertise, experience and knowledge to the community. He has been a volunteer mentor for adult students in MBA and Master of Leadership programs for many years. He also provides pro-bono services to not-for-profit and community based organizations.

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